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Why Should I Fax Broadcast?

Fax broadcasting is still the best tool for your business in Canada and the UK. We guarantee faxes for 1 cent to all of Canada (Minimum 10,000 Leads). Fax blasting generates exposure for your business to thousands in minutes. Use our fax blast campaigns to send company newsletters, memos to customers or suppliers or to get new business leads. Fax Marketing Canada can help you generate new customers for your business with our fax blasting campaigns. Fax Marketing Canada servers will always send 100% of your campaigns.

Why Fax Marketing Canada Beats the Competition

  • No contract
  • No extra fees
  • Free removal system
  • View of your campaign running
  • All jobs are completed within a few hours
  • Advertisement setup at no additional cost

Fax Marketing Canada will guarantee one cent faxing and fax marketing in all of Canada for one price. We also offer high-speed fax broadcasting within the UK from .02 cent per completed page.

Begin Fax Broadcasting Immediately!

  • No contract or setup fees like other competition
  • Send thousands of faxes day or night
  • All you need is a Fax List and Document and you are ready
  • Fax Broadcast as many jobs as you would like
  • Online/Real-time fax broadcast interactive
  • "Do Not Fax" updated everyday
  • Fax marketing Canada will personalize your documents with Mail Merge at no additional charge

Fax Marketing Canada Has 10 Years of Experience in Marketing

We are a full-service provider offering personal support for a great value. We specialize in electronic marketing to improve sales. Our goal is to help you keep a steady ROI.

Features of Fax Marketing Canada

No need for special computer equipment, expensive servers, expensive license software and an expensive phone line. Use Fax marketing Canada servers that deliver millions of fax pages a month.

Fax Marketing Canada Allows You to Personalize Your Documents with Mail Merge

Mail merge allows you to customize your fax broadcast messages. Personalize the letter with the owner’s name, address and specific message to target what you need. An additional charge will apply for Mail Merge.

Fax Marketing Canada Interactive Broadcast Management

View the status of your fax broadcast with Fax marketing Canada interactive management page. Send broadcasts to our servers and manage them at the same time. Change start time and date with one click, pause and delete your broadcast jobs as needed from a computer or even your cell.

Fax Marketing Canada Reporting

Access your fax broadcast account activity online 24/7, including the status of your campaign with a history of 90 days and all pending jobs with one click.

Fax Marketing Canada “Do Not Fax” Lists

We provide all jobs with a removal number to ensure the "Do Not Fax" list is always updated. If this fax number is in any fax list that you use, our system will remove that fax number from your list.

Fax Marketing Canada “Undeliverable”

We offer detailed reports on each job that is processed for you. These reports are viewed on our platform for easy viewing. Once your fax blast has finished, you can then download all of your reports with all "undeliverable" fax numbers so you can keep your database up to date.

Let Fax Marketing Canada turn your advertising budget into pure gold by delivering the audience, the incentives, and the discounts that pay off in more sales.