Business Etiquette to Consider When Sending Fax Cover Letters

Fax machines are an important means of communicating with business owners, providing important information about a product or service. Fax marketing letters can also serve as an introduction letter and request for collaboration. When sending a fax, there are certain etiquette conventions that you need to bear in mind. Faxes are business communications and should be treated in the same vein as letters and other means of official communication.

In order to ensure that your fax marketing messages are treated as proper business documents, here are some etiquette to bear in mind.

Indicate the number of pages you sent

Your fax marketing cover letter should contain the number of pages that make up your fax. Fax machines are convenient but sometimes they could break down just like any other business machinery. If the pages of the fax stick to one another as they are being printed. That is why it is critical to let the receiver know on the cover letter the number of pages that were sent. This lets them know what to expect and if they are missing any pages. Don’t forget to count the cover sheet as part of the pages when listing the page count.

Provide clear instructions

If there is any action that the recipient of the fax needs to do as a follow up upon receipt, state it clearly on the cover sheet of the fax. Fax cover sheet usually have space allocated for notes and further instructions. Make sure that you type or print clearly these instructions on the fax cover sheet and include a contact phone number, fax number or email address where the receiver can contact you as part of the follow up.

Identify your company name

We typically advise that you use a company logo on the fax cover sheet when you send a fax message. This allows the person who gets the fax to know who the fax message is from. A good fax cover letter should also have the sender’s full name, business name, job position and phone number so that when there’s need for a response or a feedback for more information or concerns, there’s someone to approach to ensure effective communication.

Privacy notice

It is also critical to include a privacy notice or indication of confidentiality or non-disclosure whenever a fax is being sent to or from companies that deal with sensitive personal or financial data. That said, every company should use a privacy notice or clearly attention who the fax message is intended for. A privacy notice done on a fax cover letter usually indicates that the contents of the fax message are intended for a certain person and solely for their attention, also prohibiting the unauthorized use or disclosure of such information with the threat of legal action and penalties. You can also include a message that any unintended recipients should contact the sending if they get the fax message by mistake.