4 Effective Fax Marketing Tips That Will Help You Generate Sales

Fax marketing can be a game changer for your company today and gives you access to demographics that you may be missing with other marketing strategies. Fax marketing is sometimes underestimated as a source of generating sales and revenue, but you can change that today.

Not only is fax marketing cost-efficient but it also has proven to be quite resilient to changes in technology and consumer tastes. Still in doubt about the efficacy of fax marketing? Here are some tips to help you generate even more sales from your fax marketing campaign.

1. Fax marketing design

Because of its reach, fax marketing can reach much more customers with a given spend compared to most other marketing methods. You also have the opportunity to flex your design muscles to create material that can grab the attention of customers and make your company brand vibrant and recognisable. Don’t forget though that because of how faxes are, you need to make use of simple images and graphics, while using clear fonts that print easily. Making use of the entire page is also important and think of your fax like a billboard that should showcase your product or service offer in a glance.

2. Personalize your fax

If you want to be successful with your fax marketing campaign, you must be able to personalize your fax so that it is more purposeful. If you think about non-profit organization and political campaigns, you would see how personal touches like handwritten notes can lead to more impactful marketing campaigns. Adding a note to your fax whether from a senior member of the team or a sales representative helps to increase the potency of your fax marketing campaign. Personalized notes help to reaffirm your dedication to the customer’s satisfaction and your attention to their business.

3. Testimonials are effective

Any customer looking at a marketing campaign want to see that it actually works. This is the power of testimonials and positive customer feedback. By including testimonials, you help potential customers feel safer in the fact that you are a good company and your product actually works. When sending out a fax marketing campaign, include positive feedback about the product that addresses its functionality and other competitive benefits of the product. This helps to make your offer relatable which increases the chances of getting sales.

4. Add a Post Script

Fax marketing campaigns that include a post-script (P.S.) tend to do much better than those without one. Studies have shown that people tend to focus on three parts of a sales or promotion letter which are their name and title, the signature of the sender and the post-script. If a potential customer is able to identify all three parts with a quick skim, they are more likely to patronize your product. Post-scripts have been extremely effective with non-profits and have also shown that they can assist with sales conversion with sales marketing promotions too.

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