Everything you Need to Know About Fax Marketing

Traditional marketing and advertising assumes that all of your customers are traditional people. Even newer technologies like email assume that the best way to reach people is when they are at their computers. But think about it - there are plenty of people who move around and work on the go. Checking email may be a lower priority, and may be a task they only tend to once a day, once a week, or whenever they get around to it. When your target customers aren't checking their email, your email advertisements aren't being seen. Fax marketing can help reach this niche of customers by matching their fast-moving, real-time work style.

Is Fax Marketing Dead?

You might be wondering then, "why write anymore on the subject of fax marketing at all"? Well quite frankly, fax marketing is not dead, it has just been changed with restrictions. So how do you market with fax without overstepping your boundaries? What is the benefit your company can get from fax marketing? Read on to learn how to market properly.

Who Do I Market To With Fax?

Well quite simply, you want to fax to your already established customer base. Now, don't start just faxing to them yet though. You will want to get their permission to receive fax transmissions. This permission can be obtained at the point of sale via an online form, but be sure to mention you plan to fax them in the future with their fax number information. If you need to call your client base to gather fax information and permission, then do so.

Offer a Way Out

Make sure you make it clear and easy on how to opt out from your fax messages. Offer a phone number, email address, fax number, and web page for opt-out options. An important part of the opt-out process is that it must be easy and flexible for your customers. Remember you want to retain your customers, you do not want to get on their bad side. Make sure the opt-out options are on every fax page you send.

What Do I Fax?

You will want to fax company coupons, specials, sales, product upgrades, new product announcements, newsletters, etc. You will want to pretty much fax them anything relevant to your business and their needs. This may require segmentation of your client database, but can increase repeat sales drastically if done properly. Remember to include your company logo and name with each transmission, that is the most important part of marketing, building your brand recognition.

How Often Do I Fax?

You will generally only want to fax no more than once a month to your client base. Too many faxes can lead to more opt-out applicants reducing the effectiveness of your fax marketing. The main theme for fax marketing is "do not annoy".

Conducting a Successful Fax Marketing Campaign

Know how to conduct a successful fax marketing campaign with the following steps.

  1. 1. Focus your fax marketing on one objective

    Fax is a flexible medium used to conduct research, for broadcasting newsletters, for generating prospects and for database cleaning. Avoid diluting your message by keeping it simple and being clear about what you are trying to achieve.

  2. 2. Collect clean fax contact data

    When collecting fax numbers, split out the international and regional code from the main number to encourage accuracy of collection. The strongest offer will not get a response if it never reaches your target due to bad data!

  3. 3. Keep compliant within the fax preference service

    Within Canada, all fax recipient databases must be run against the fax preference service to suppress those who have opted out. Many fax broadcast agencies provide this as part of the service, but failure to do this can result in a significant fines.

  4. 4. Broadcast fax communications effectively

    Use specialist fax providers to broadcasting simultaneously to both Canada and internationally in bulk, quickly and easily.

  5. 5. From the fax machine to the contact

    Address your communication to your contact using mail merge fields or if they are not known, use ‘title-slugs' (e.g. FAO Marketing Director) to get your message to the most appropriate person within an organisation.

  6. 6. Design your fax messages for delivery

    Your message will be delivered in black and white and your images will be reproduced with varying quality. You should design your message like an effective DM cover letter- make USPs stand out and ensure the key messages are communicated at a glance. Keep images large and simple enough to be legible on delivery.

  7. 7. Spend wisely on fax promotions

    Fax marketing is priced per sheet with different costs based upon where the recipient lives. Faxing a contact within Canada is much cheaper than using direct mail or telemarketing. These budget savings can now be invested in increasing the number of faxes you send or by repeating the campaign based upon ROI.

  8. 8. Resource call to actions

    Fax marketing is delivered minutes after being sent meaning your responses begin almost immediately. Ensuring the back office is resourced and ready to deal with these replies are essential in meeting customer expectations

  9. 9. Make your fax marketing pay

    Measure the performance of the campaign to improve and refine. Personalise each fax with a unique number, use a unique web address or ensure that reply vehicles are easily identifiable to track performance

  10. 10. Mix it in

    Many clients integrate fax within their media plans. When integrated amongst a variety of media, fax works most effectively and in one recent client test led to an up lift in sales of over 5%.


Your fax marketing will tap into the hidden sales that can come from these people on the move because a fax is something physical, and seems to command a sense of urgency by its nature. Don't pass up these incredibly lucrative niches of potential customers who are often bypassed because traditional email and voicemail don't match their on-the-move work style. Hit them with your fax marketing, and you'll guarantee that you're the one they'll remember. Need help? We are a marketing company based in Canada. We can help you with fax marketing. Visit www.faxmarketingcanada.com now or call us today for a free consultation.