Fax Marketing Laws: What You Need to Know to Be Successful

Fax marketing is a cheap and effective marketing strategy that can be used by any business. It is a proven way to reach out to your target audience by sending out faxes. If you desire to use fax marketing for your business, you should be aware of the laws guiding this practice. Over the years, the laws have been expanded due to public dislike for general telemarketing, improvement in solicitation law and advert regulations. If you disobey this law, you not only risk being sanctioned by the law enforcement, you also risk irritating your target customer as well.

Fax marketing campaign irritates potential customers just like unsolicited emails. They make the communication system so busy thereby preventing the owner to make use of the fax system for the desired purpose. It is not surprising there is a public outcry against it.

Looking at the bright side, an understanding of the laws governing fax marketing will be a pay off. You will not only gain customers but also avoid being a nuisance to everyone and consequently save yourself from fines. According to the Junk Fax Prevention Act passed by the United States Congress, unsolicited fax marketing is against the law.

As a business, how do you play safe with these restrictions?

Opt Outs

Like many marketing strategies such as email or SMS, there should be a feature to opt out. When using fax marketing, make sure your target has access to an opt out box included on the cover sheet. Let them have all the required info to opt out like fax number, toll free telephone number, email address and physical address.

Also, you will have 30 days to grant all of your opt-out requests. It is a good idea to keep your contact list updated with any opt-out requests as they come. Avoid waiting for 30 days to grant any opt-out request.

Established Business relationship

There should be an "established business relationship"(EBR) that will guide all business offering products for sale or rendering services and their customers, according to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

As a result, you should ask your existing customers and target audience if they will like to receive your fax. Faxing the whole of your phone book is plain illegal which will hurt your marketing campaign.

Opt ins

To existing and potential customers, give them the chance to sign it to receive your faxes. There should be a contact form where customers could opt in for all forms of marketing. There should also be a fax opt in form in your email marketing campaigns. With your surveys as well, always try to include options where your clients can receive your fax, SMS and emails.

A knowledge of these fax laws is essential in protecting yourself from trouble. Also, unsolicited fax could out off potential customers which you do not want. Advise yourself on the laws above and be guided.

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