4 Leading Fax Marketing Techniques That Will Generate Sales

One thing we have come to understand over time is that fax marketing is capable of generating sales! With so much emphasis on fax marketing now, If you aren't using fax marketing, you are missing an entire demographic which will ultimately tell on your sales in the future.

Unfortunately, fax marketing is often overlooked as a useful tool for promotional strategy, whereas in the real sense, fax marketing is the ultimate publicity dark horse- You need no soothe Sayer to explain that to you. But you could be curious to know what it means.

Well, the number one reason intelligent and smart businessmen and women are using this medium as a means of marketing is because it is cost-effective.

Although it could be termed ancient, which is undeniable, it has fought every onslaught, yes, it's withstood the ages.

In fact, the advent of technological innovation fuels up the need to retain fax marketing in the system with the marketing method involved in there. As technological advancement moves up the radar, it is certain that fax marketing isn't dying anytime soon.

But, why should not you dismiss fax marketing? I've highlighted below four marketing tips that will help you generate sales thus letting you stick close to fax marketing as an invaluable tool to skyrocket sales.

1. Design

It is apparent that the effect of design in fax marketing can never be stressed enough. Some experts will even dub it the drive to marketing destination. However, there are do's and don't. So simple to be aware of that. By the sheer coverage that fax marketing is capable of, faxes offer users the privilege of developing not only one's promotional muscles but as well as the king- design muscles.

Designing skill is a must to curate a masterpiece that is sufficient enough to draw potential customers, retain existing customers and solidify your company's mission.

In a bid to be creative, it should be noted that the medium you are adopting must not be too over-done. It must be simple and with clear fonts. Often time, I advise people to make judicious use of the entire page at their advantage.

It is gratifying when you think of your fax like a billboard which you will surely want to design appealingly. Millions of freelancers who are good at designing can work under your close monitoring and supervision if you have no viable designing skill.

2. Personalization

Another key to fax marketing is personalization. It doesn't come easy, it takes a considerable amount of time, but undoubtedly, the pattern generates sales.

Let me take you through the non-profit organizations. Many politicians employ personalization to rekindle relationships with people. But make no mistakes, customization isn't just a political tactic. I'm just trying to get you a picture of how rewarding this technique is. How could that be accomplished?

For each fax marketing, include a handwritten note, regardless of where it is coming from. Either from the sales manager or even the customer service representative. Your promotion is directly proportional to your sales.

Furthermore, when you direct the handwritten note to your actual point of contact, you can confidently reaffirm your commitment to their relationship and satisfaction.

In the past, why fax marketing didn't work out for some is because most companies could allow a staff person to either sign or write the faxes thus creating confusion as per the original sender. This is a no-brainer! Whoever is faxing should be the one to draft or sign. That way, the recipients could be sure of the sender, and building close relationship together would be attained.

3. Post-Script

Implementing postscript has been experimented to be a sale generation trick. Several studies validate that people view at three places in any sales or promotion letter:

  • Name and Title
  • The Sender's signature
  • The postscript.

When you fax a busy executive, skimming through the material is often done, yet, these three concepts would never miss their eyesight. What a wake-up call!

Now if you haven't tried this method ever since your firm started fax marketing, or you are reading to build up requirements for the fax marketing you will be doing in coming months, it is best to tap into this jaw-dropping and marvelous way of winning sales.

Furthermore, the post-script is the place where the final push is made or where you can add critical personal notes. Its human to check at something that looks entirely different from a text; it draws the eye. It doesn't matter if is handwritten or in a font script.

Finally, on postscript, if you desire a bit of flair to your fax, postscript is counted worthy as an artificial means of making it work correctly.

4. Testimonials

Just like our craving for bread and butter can't go into exile, positive customers' feedback is what gladdens the heart of a marketer.

The truth is, testimonials are often skipped in any marketing strategy plan nowadays, but the positive returns from the use of fax marketing would boost a company's sales rather than setting it backward.

Testimonials rekindle your potential customers that you are indeed a great company and that your products are worthwhile, therefore coming back for more is something you can look forward to. Will that not save you from being skeptic about what you've done? Of course, it will!

So, when you fax, don't overlook the power of a testimonial- when you send a fax promotion, include testimonial about the is the typical product you are promoting.


There you go with the four fantastic strategies. Aren't they amazing? Sure, they are! When these techniques are put in place correctly, you are sure of a bountiful harvest- More ROI.

This article should have also succeeded in reminding why fax marketing is still king in the marketing world. It is your firm's promotional ace-in-hole to beat the competition.

Finally, you should be reminded that you should not expect to get it all correct in the first shot, but with two or three tries, you would have mastered the act accurately.