Practical Ways to Create a Winning Fax Marketing Campaigns

First things first, fax marketing hasn't gone extinction, I know that is a sharp contrast to what people think. Then, you could be curious to ascertain what is dead? It is fax spamming- the annoying and upsetting invite for deals and holidays!

Internet deals and Caribbean vacations are same as telemarketing that is well regulated. Irrespective of that, fax marketing still stands to be practical, viable and an invaluable marketing tools, and if you can afford or have a way of acquiring it, you have a great asset for your company; it's going to boost your company's marketing effort.

While marketing campaign is seen as a highly successful one is because the method involved is highly regulated- you won't be spamming. Instead, your content will only attract subscribers, those with readiness to hear from you.

With detailed and practical research, I have compiled eight exclusively smart ways to create a successful fax marketing campaign.

1. Acquire an Idea

Just like SMS marketing that is limited to its medium, Fax marketing is! Therefore, when you restrict fax marketing to a single page, it proves to be most effective, and that should be your best practice.

In a sense, you need to create an idea that will solidly rest on these parameters: What thing you are more convenient in promoting, pushing or sell on a single page?

That isn't enough, ruminate about actions you are expecting customers to take. That sends a clearer idea into your mind. And with a snap, you are there!

2. Outline Benefits

One of the primary goals of any company marketing is allowing customers to make a concise choice as per doing business with them or not.

You will hit a very high success rate if you are vivid enough in outlining the benefits you offer in the best practicable way.

You can reveal the incentives, bonuses customers would gain to your fax marketing campaign. Will they ever be the first to hear about breaking industry news? Are there exclusive offers waiting for them?

If your company has one, itemize it, promote them and let it be easily understood at a first read.

3. Develop Metrics

Tracking fax marketing may be a bit difficult to Emails, social media or SMS marketing. Just because each time there seems to be an activity online, automatically, there comes a record and hence analyzing becomes easier!

But with fax marketing, the metrics are lot different. The data needs to be monitored with a tracking code manually. Notwithstanding, it is a must to track these data, monitor both bounce rate, conversion and unsubscribe rate.

4. Create a Sign-up Widget

The most effective and practical ways to put your audience (existing and prospective customers) on the know about your possession of fax marketing is telepathy. Your campaign should be promoted on email marketing, through social media, SMS marketing and the most important, on your website.

Above all, don't forget reminding your customers of this service (fax marketing) in your company's point of sales depots.

5. Be Conscious of Your Design

Toy with this, then you risk losing the whole strategy! The entire 8 1/2* 11 is in your hands to curate your design. Think it's easy, no, think twice. Not everyone is getting it right. That spells a doom lurking in the dark if you miss this gold.

With faxes, there is the availability of vast expanse space to work with, the issue? Restricting your desire to design every inch of it.

The best practice is laying off on the images and graphics. You are obliged to keep messages simple and clean, super clean. Why?

Only a few folks still roam with old machines (smartphones and computers). The majority of folks out there are found with updates gadgets.

6. Test Run

The best and standard marketing practice is testing out how a service is to be perceived when it reaches the audience. The function of the test is understandable.

That your methods, designs, and push are practicable and working out as thought. If you fail to test, you will be compelled to face poor transmission quality, and customers might not be receptive to your offer.

The most logical way to test out your fax marketing is faxing your existing fax marketing subscribers. They have your test sample before pushing out the whole promotion to all audience targeted at.

However, friends, families are an internal medium for testing out, that is if you do not have fax marketing subscriber list. The result? The privilege of seeing the dynamicity and consistency of your fax.

7. Send

After test running, you would have seen your result soar, if that isn't the case, investigate into the likely cause, then when you get it right, hit button, yes there it went.

This stage is comfortable and the most rewarding phase of fax marketing. Why? After ensuring that the whole things, that is, strategies, methods, designs, and outlines have fallen in place, you can comfortably sit back and imagine fax machines buzzing all over the world.

It doesn't come better! Your reception will soar, and you will be glad you staked the critical things in doing the right thing.

8. Review

The last stage, yet the most crucial step. It spells you your success rate. You will need to take the metrics that have been already established and have a close-range view of the results. But why is reviewing the results essential?

Without those results, you have nothing to gain. It is only with the reviews you could see yourself as an expert or if there is something you've done wrong that beacons on readjustment, then you can.

Don' take this last stage with levity. It means the whole scene!


These winning practical steps must be handled diligently. Ensure that all plans and tactics are well followed. Even if you will have to hire someone in assisting you, be sure they are familiar with these steps.

Remember, fax marketing is still king, you use it well, it will turn out to be the most weapon in your marketing arsenal.