How Restaurants can leverage on Fax Marketing to increase Lunch Sales

Recent technological advancement has brought about other electronic means for marketing, Irrespective of that, Fax marketing remains an excellent option when it comes to promoting your restaurant. When you send fax messages to customers to notify them of lunch specials, this will help you sustain your existing customers and attract more customer to your restaurant. Interested in using fax marketing at your restaurant? Here are some steps to follow;


If you intend to use fax marketing for your restaurant, you need to get the customers’ contact information. To get the fax numbers of the customers you will be sending your fax marketing materials to, you will have to create a feature on your restaurant website were customers, and prospective customers can input their contact information. In the case, your restaurant is a small one, and it does not have a website you can still get customers to contact by requesting for fax numbers from customers who call to order lunch.


Your fax messages need to be brief and straightforward. Concisely indicate the lunch special for the day. You can include a discount for customers too. When crafting your fax message, it is essential to include a brief message that shows your gratitude to your customer for patronizing your restaurant. Apart from that, you also need to include a message that will encourage your customers to get the special of that day. Ensure you add your restaurant name, fax number and phone number in the fax message; this will allow customers to make orders swiftly.


As the owner of the restaurant, it is imperative to include a handwritten note to the fax. By making such an effort, you are telling your customers that you hold them in high regard. The handwritten note should be a simple message like, “We have healthy and delicious low-carb lunches to choose from.”


When using fax marketing for your restaurant, advertise only one special offer in your message. Be primarily focused on crafting messages that will bring more customers to your restaurant. For example, you can advertise that if two or more employees from the same company order lunch from your restaurant, they will receive extra chicken wings or free sausage rolls. This will encourage more people to make orders; thus you will have an increase in sales.

There you go on how to use fax marketing to increase lunch sales. Fax marketing for your restaurant will save you more money and produce a great result. When you follow this step carefully, you are sure of an increase in lunch sales in your restaurant. Do you need a reliable Fax marketing service provider? Do not hesitate to get in touch with Fax Marketing Canada. At Fax marketing Canada we will be glad to help you with excellent and affordable fax marketing service anytime, any day! Put a call through today for a free consultation or visit