Conducting a successful Fax Marketing Campaign

There are many things to bear in mind in order to have a successful fax marketing campagin for your business. Some are these are as follows:

Choosing your router

There are several categories of routers: some providers can support your fax-mailing from design to shipment through file selection, while others provide you with a platform you need to manage. yourself all the steps of sending.

While the price obviously depends on the level of service required , it also varies greatly depending on the volumes involved (by season or year). But before looking for the most competitive price, make sure of what you are charged : faxes sent or completed, benefits or only shipments. Also check that you are not obliged to use certain benefits (what interest of to make a cheap campaign if you are imposed a bad file?).

Choosing the right file

The fax has the advantage, with emailing, of being able to obtain accurate statistics of the success rate of your mailings. It is theoretically possible for you to measure the quality of the files used.

However, this rate depends on many other factors independent of the intrinsic quality of the file such as the choice of the router, the number of pages, the time of sending ... Also, a success rate is not enough to evaluate the quality of the file. a file, although it is very often indicative of the level of maintenance of a database.

The most important factor is the return rate of your file. Indeed, a file can generate an excellent rate of completion but does not correspond to your target. Unless you offer a very public offer, always prefer the quality and accuracy of a file to its volume or cost. The more specialized and accurate a database is, the better you will reach your target. Specialized files are usually much more expensive than megabases or data compiler files. However, the extra cost of a quality file will most likely be offset by the number of orders generated and the cost savings of routing and shipping that more accurate targetig results.

It is possible to rent or buy from brokers or directly from database owners, highly specialized files in virtually every industry. But before making any decisions, make sure that the coveted file is updated and used regularly.

Dedupe the file by fax number

By choosing to send one or two faxes per number, you contact the same number of services or companies for a lower cost . In addition, this will prevent ten people from receiving the same fax at the same number even if they are all affected by your message. In fact, not only are multiple fax receptions expensive for you, but they also cost your customer (paper, ink, not to mention the inconvenience), which automatically gives him a bad image of your company. The number of complaints increases exponentially with the number of faxes received by the prospect.

Prefer a nominative file

The fax is often recovered by a person who is not concerned by the message. If an assistant finds a fax, she will throw it directly to the trash if it does not concern her. If the fax is addressed to a specific person, it is more likely to be delivered . Finally, prospects are better able to receive two identical faxes if these faxes are sent to two different people.

Choose the time of sending

Sending a fax-mailing at night avoids saturating the fax of your prospects when they need it (sending faxes on the day generates more complaints than sending them by night) and generally costs less. However, it is necessary in this case to make sure that your file is deprived of individuals and people working in their home (liberal professions ...). Waking your customers at night is certainly the best way to hold their attention ... and to receive complaints.


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