Designing an Effective Marketing Fax

Sending out an advertising fax is an effective marketing technique that way too many companies overlook. When you choose this very cost-effective way of marketing, you ensure that your advertising gets into someone’s hands. Using some marketing tips can help increase your sales when doing fax marketing.

Understand the Limitations

It is nearly impossible to take an ad designed for another medium and make it look great as a fax. Therefore, you need to have a special design created for your fax ad campaign. Use simple fonts and a black-and-white photo that does not contain a lot of detail. Keep the design clear and simple allowing it to print properly regardless of the user’s equipment.

Include a Coupon

Coupons are a great incentive to encourage people to engage with your fax advertising. It is easy to create a database when customers use a coupon because you can ask them for details allowing you to advertise to them over another medium. You can use coupons to introduce a new product line or get rid of old inventory in the warehouse.

Make Them Interactive

The best marketing for faxes encourages the user to do something with the paper rather than just throw it away. While the overall success rate of marketing with faxes varies from 0.5 percent to over 8 percent, if you can get the recipient to do something, then you greatly increase your success rate. For example, if you are a reflexologist, you might want to include a big picture of the foot and mark different areas on it where putting pressure affects different parts of the body.

Leave White Space

Do not try to crowd too much information on your fax page. Instead, opt to use white space to highlight important aspects of the page. Use white space to guide the receiver’s attention through the most important elements of your page. You also need to incorporate white space so that the receiver has time to comprehend what they are reading.

Use Strong Calls-to-action

You should incorporate at least one strong call-to-action above the fold. This call-to-action needs to tell the recipient exactly what you want them to do. It can be to call a number, go to a website or head to a brick-and-mortar location. It should be written so that the recipient knows exactly what is in the offer for them. Be careful, however, to never make false claims in your calls-to-action.

Hire a Professional

It can be very frustrating to find time to run a fax blast by yourself. Therefore, you should make sure to hire a professional. One company that you will want to consider is Fax Marketing Canada. They have over 10 years of experience. Their proprietary system allows you to see how your campaign is performing regardless of the hour of day or night. Contact them today at 1.855.223.4343 to start your next successful campaign.