4 Essential Elements of a Successful Fax Marketing Campaign

While fax marketing may seem like old-school technology to some, there are many reasons that fax campaigns are successful. The cost of capturing a new lead is minimal when compared to many types of marketing. Personalizing a fax is incredibly simple. It is very easy to create targeted campaigns. If you are considering using fax marketing, then there are four essential elements that you need to keep in mind.


The first step in designing an effective campaign is to capture the recipient’s attention. You need a headline that will make viewers want to stop and learn more details or your fax will end up in the trash. As with other forms of marketing, try putting the benefits of your company or product in terms of what your customer can expect instead of just listing features. For example, if you are selling dressers, then do not list measurements but use adjectives like spacious enough to hold all your wardrobe. You only have milliseconds to make a first impression, so make sure that your fax is attractive.


It is essential that you are marketing to people who have an interest in your product. Make sure that your list includes the person in charge of buying your type of product, their title and other pertinent information. When possible, always opt for the fax number closest to their desk as they are more apt to be the one receiving the fax. Be careful, however, to obey the wishes of people who do not wish to get faxes from you as you will only irritate them putting a stop to other marketing methods.


Your fax should help fuel a desire for your product in the recipient. You must prove quickly to them that they have something to gain by learning more about your product or service. It can be very difficult to put yourself in your potential customer’s shoes, but it is vital if you want your fax campaign to be successful.


After you have created an eye-popping fax and shown the benefits, then it is necessary to tell customers what you want them to do next. Be very specific about what action you want the viewer to take. It may be to call you at a phone number or to go to a specific website. Many businesspeople find it effective to combine a dedicated landing page with their fax advertising campaigns. If you opt for this option, then try using the same colors and language as this ensures the viewer that they have landed in the right place.

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