How to use Automated Fax Broadcasting

Fax broadcasting is regarded as an old method of marketing. Fax marketing involves direct communication between individuals or organizations. Fax marketing is a straightforward and fast method to market products and services. The use of a fax broadcast enables you to reach out to a large number of customers either locally or globally. Fax broadcasting gives you the privilege to connect with organizations, businesses, and also send documents.

The advancement in technology has a significant impact on almost all the aspect of human dealings. Fax marketing is not an exception. Technology has greatly influenced the use of fax. Now, there is automated fast broadcasting. The Advent of automated fax broadcasting has eliminated the use of a fax machine for sending messages. Fax can be sent online via software developed for this purpose. Online faxing is a straightforward, fast, and simple way by which you can carry out your fax marketing. Now, let’s look at how to use automated fax broadcasting.

Prepare contact list

The first step you need to take to in order to carry out fax broadcasting is to prepare contact list. This will also help you in carrying out fax marketing effectively. To do this, you can create diverse contact groups to focus on specific countries, areas, provinces, and countries. You will be able to import the contact list generated through the fax broadcast system. A lot of software has been developed to help you in this regard. For instance, software like ICT Broadcast enables you to upload Do Not Call contact numbers.

Upload Fax Documents

Another step that you need to when carrying out fax broadcasting is to upload fax documents. You can upload fax document through the fax applications. Fax application enables you to upload your fax document in diverse formats like JPEG, PDF, TIFF, and others. The ability to upload in different format enhances flexibility and it’s a major advantage in fax marketing.

Preference options

There is several broadcasting system that enables you to choose the option of a call retires. You have the privilege to try as many times as possible especially if your fax is not delivered at the first, second, and third attempt. Advanced fax application like ICT Broadcast gives you the privilege of selecting the option of customer ID. Once you have set your preference option, what comes next is the fax broadcast for marketing business, services, as well as products.

Schedule Campaign

After creating a contact list, uploading fax file, and selecting your preferences and options, what comes next is broadcasting of your fax messages. This can be done in two ways – you can start broadcasting immediately if you have scheduled your campaign. Scheduling your campaign will help you to begin campaigning on some chosen data and time. It also allows to stop campaigning on the chosen data and time.

The importance of automated fax marketing cannot be overemphasized. It allows you to effectively carry out the fax marketing of your products, services, business, and organization.

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