Reasons to Consider Internet fax Over Traditional fax

Faxing is still a valid channel of communication in businesses today.

Although, the traditional method of faxing is discouraged due to many reasons such as data breaches, security breaches, and data hacking etc.

With advances in tech, however, there is a better alternative in the form of internet fax. For those still fixated on traditional fax, there are reasons you should switch to internet fax today

1. Can be Accessed Anywhere

One of the major benefits of internet faxing, compared to traditional faxing is easy access. Internet faxing has removed the hassle of remaining in an office before being able to receive, sign and send vital information.

With your internet connection and a mobile device, internet fax allows you to send and receive fax anywhere. Besides, there are mobile apps that make it easy to download, sign and resend documents.

2. It Encourages Going Green

Since all incoming and outgoing faxes are accessed on electronic devices, it removes paper from the equation. This is because eFax can be signed electronically, eliminating the need for hard copy.

With this, you save space, save money that would have been spent on paper. Internet faxing is more environmentally friendly and convenient.

3. Helps in organization

When you can save space and reduce paper, there will be better coordination. Besides, getting rid of your old faxing machine eliminates the risk of losing a vital document or fax in transit.

With internet faxing, all sent and received fax can be saved online, making it easy to access any fax, as you have to search online, rather than sift through myriads of paper.

Besides, internet fax providers allow you to group your fax by date, sender etc. Hence, getting access to any fax you need is possible in a matter of a minute.

4. Improved Security

Businesses today are really concerned about security. This explains why a lot of companies prefer cloud storage and internet faxing for the safety of their data. Besides, internet faxing is pretty save due to encryption – an extra layer of security to your faxes.

Having cloud storage is pretty safer compared to having fax documents lying around in cabinets which make them susceptible to theft, destruction and unauthorized access.

5. Comfort

Comfort is also one of the reasons why internet fax marketing has become the order of the day. Since all you need to access internet fax is your mobile device and internet access, it is pretty easy. People can send, receive and access fax practically anywhere.

Due to the absence of restriction of being in an office to send and receive the fax, this improves productivity and efficiency.

6. It Saves Cost

One of the best reasons to consider internet faxing is the cost. Remember that internet fax gets rid of paper, ink, toner as well as the maintenance fee that comes with it. Besides, it takes a fortune to operate and maintain a traditional fax machine every year.

A business can easily sync up with an internet fax provider and adopt internet faxing. This will lead to a considerable saving in cost.

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