Designing an Effective Marketing Fax

Your headline is the most important part of any fax marketing campaign. It must grab the attention of the person receiving the fax. Otherwise, it will end up in the trash Therefore, you must use your headline to capture your audience’s attention quickly. Here are some tips that you might want to consider using to connect with your fax’s viewers.

Use Numbers

Numbers are an effective way to capture curiosity. Consider smaller numbers to give viewers the idea that you are providing them with concise information. Using large numbers shows the person receiving the fax that you have comprehensively covered a topic. An insider’s tip is to use odd numbers, as opposed to even because the brain’s attention is more easily captured causing people to want to act. The number seven has been proven to be particularly effective.

Make a Promise

Faxes that make a promise in the headline and deliver on that promise are also highly effective. Your headline should be stated to show the viewer what they get from reading your fax. For example, how to headlines are very effective. Make sure to use the rest of the page to show details or you will lose credibility. An insider’s tip is to try to create headlines that make a promise with humor.

Use Questions

Start the viewer’s mind moving in the right direction by asking them a question. Then, use your content to answer the question in a truthful, but a novel way. Employ the insider’s tip of never asking a question that can be answered no, however, because when the viewer answers no, your fax will automatically go in the trash.

Use Adverbs and Adjectives

Using adverbs and adjectives in your headlines is a fantastic way to capture attention. Make sure that you use words that your intended audience knows instantly but avoid abbreviations as they may not know them or think of them instantly. If you are going to use this technique, then consider using negative words in your headline as the number of people who will read your fax by 63 percent. Insiders, however, know that if you do not use negative words, then ship adverbs and adjectives all together as using positive ones lowers the number of people reading your fax by 9 percent.

Create Two-part Headlines

Two-part headlines that are properly punctuated have a higher readership. Consider creating a headline that naturally would have a colon or semicolon in the middle. Be careful, however, of the words that you choose because you want to keep the reading level at the seventh grade or below level. If you cannot come up with a headline containing a colon or semicolon, then use headlines with other types of punctuation as they have a 9 percent higher readership.

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