Do you give refunds for fax numbers that don't go through?

YES! When you pay for 10,000 faxes, Fax Marketing Canada will deliver 10,000 faxes or more, in fact to ensure that you get what you pay for Fax Marketing Canada will load 12,000 faxes! We make a point to over deliver to ensure that Fax Marketing Canada will meet or beat your expectations!

What time are fax marketing/fax broadcasting campaigns sent?

Fax Marketing Canada understands you don't want to bug, annoy, or harass your prospects as we don't either. Fax Marketing Canada makes it a point to only send out fax marketing/fax broadcasting campaigns between 9:00am and 7:30pm est. and never send faxes in the middle of the night or on weekends.

What if people complain about receiving my fax marketing/fax broadcasting campaigns?

People will complain we won't lie, but you'd be surprised by the actual percentage of people that want to be removed from your list. The main reason for the low count is that Fax Marketing Canada provides an opt-out option to everyone that receives a fax marketing/fax broadcasting campaign. This allows everyone to remove themselves from any future fax marketing/fax broadcasting flyers. What are the percentages of people that usually request to be removed? While being in the fax business for more than 9 years our removal requests usually hover around only 4 percent. 

What type of list should I choose to market to in Canada?

Fax Marketing will always depend on the type of business you are in. If you have a restaurant or roofing company located in Ontario or Toronto, it wouldn't make sense to send a fax marketing/fax broadcasting campaign out to central Canada. You'd be better off investing in the area you service. If you provide a service or product to all of Canada then you would want to do fax marketing/fax broadcasting campaigns to all of Canada.

Will you resell my personal list or let other clients use it?

NO NEVER! Fax Marketing Canada never steals from our clients. Your list is yours and yours only. The fax marketing/fax broadcasting list is property of the company or individual that purchases that list.

Can I get you to design my fax marketing/fax broadcasting AD?

Yes, Fax Marketing Canada would be more than happy to design the best ad to yield the best results and we offer that service for FREE!

What type of documents and fax list formats for fax marketing/fax broadcasting do you accept?

Fax Marketing Canada’s supported fax list documents include: MS Word, MS Access, MS Excel, Word Perfect and ASCII Comma Delimited.

Is our fax marketing/fax broadcasting service easy to use?

Yes, Fax Marketing Canada gives you choices.

  • You can simply email your fax document and your list to us (if not already emailed by your chosen fax list supplier) and write the time and date you want the campaign to start.
  • You can use Fax Marketing Canada web interface that allows clients to log onto a private access website, choose to upload your list & documents, then simply click on which list, which document, and what day you want it to go out on, then 'submit.' It’s as simple as that!
  • You can also choose options such as mail merge. Simply email your fax document and your list with the area that will need the mail merge and write the time and date you want the campaign to start.

What if I want to make changes to my fax marketing/fax broadcasting campaign?

Contact Fax Marketing Canada full time customer fax marketing/fax broadcasting support team and request a delay for re-submittal of the revised document. Any changes needed for time or date can be updated via your login.

Can I get my fax marketing/fax broadcasting campaign out quickly?

Fax Marketing Canada allows you to send newly created documents to 20,000+ people or businesses in 1 hour or less!

Don't tie up your fax phone lines for hours when you can use our servers at the same cost as your fax long distance rates! We can get your document out in less than 1 hour to tens of thousands!

Can I include graphic images or pictures on my fax marketing/fax broadcasting campaign?

When an image is faxed, line art works best (black and white). Elaborate images take longer to fax and they tie up your fax recipients fax machine and generally the quality is poor. They may also incur extra charges due to additional length of time necessary to transmit.

Fax marketing/Fax Broadcasting is available in ten provinces: Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, and Saskatchewan. The three territories are Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and Yukon.

Fax Marketing/Fax Broadcasting in Canadian Area Codes Listed in Numeric Order

Area Code 204 Manitoba
Area Code 289 Ontario
Area Code 306 Saskatchewan
Area Code 403 Alberta
Area Code 416 Ontario
Area Code 418 Quebec
Area Code 450 Quebec
Area Code 506 New Brunswick
Area Code 514 Quebec
Area Code 519 Ontario
Area Code 604 British Columbia
Area Code 613 Ontario
Area Code 647 Ontario
Area Code 705 Ontario
Area Code 709 Newfoundland
Area Code 778 British Columbia
Area Code 780 Alberta
Area Code 807 Ontario
Area Code 819 Quebec
Area Code 867 Yukon, NW Terr., Nunavut
Area Code 902 Nova Scotia
Area Code 905 Ontario


Fax Marketing/Fax Broadcasting in Canadian Area Codes Listed in Numeric Order

Alberta 403
British Columbia 250
Manitoba 204
New Brunswick 506
Newfoundland 709
Nova Scotia 902
Ontario 289
Quebec 418
Saskatchewan 306
Yukon, NW Territory 867