SMS Marketing

Fax Marketing Canada is now offering SMS on our Canada SMS marketing platform. Canada SMS marketing platform is as powerful as it is easy to use. Launching a Canada SMS marketing campaign should not be difficult. While other Canada SMS marketing companies require you to load your own SMS, our staff removes that work by loading the Canada SMS marketing campaign and providing a detail report on all Canada SMS campaigns. Now our customers can enjoy the extensive feature set that our mass texting services offers: our intuitive SMS reports for anyone to view. Whether you want to promote your business, run SMS text-2-join campaigns, SMS polls and SMS contests, or get in touch with all of your contacts at once, our Canada SMS marketing service allows you to do so quickly and easily.

Canada SMS marketing platform provides an easy to use group SMS text messaging platform that allows our staff at Canada SMS marketing to launch bulk SMS campaigns in seconds. Our Canada SMS marketing platforms are robust enough to handle the largest mass SMS text messaging campaign in English or French.

SMS Canada SMS marketing platform Count

Providence Area Code Approximate Cell Phone Numbers
Alberta 403 990,000
780 720,000
British Columbia 250 840,000
506 90,000
604 1,080,000
778 100,000
Ontario 289 149,000
416 1,960,000
519 1,110,000
613 840,000
647 380,000
705 450,000
807 10,000
905 860,000
Quebec 418 470,000
450 410,000
514 1,580,000
819 390,000
Saskatchewan 306 200,000


SMS on Canada SMS marketing platform from .015 per complete SMS Message

  • 10,000 SMS Messages for $150.00
  • 20,000 SMS Messages for $300.00
  • 30,000 SMS Messages for $400.00 (Save $50)
  • 40,000 SMS Messages for $500.00 (Save $100)
  • 50,000 SMS Messages for $600.00 (Save $150)
  • 50,000 + Call us for Prices or contact us via Submit form